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About Us

As a highly ambitious company we aim to deliver a time and cost saving solution for stuck-object removal through our unique RotoJar tool across global oil and gas drilling, fishing and well abandonment. Find out more by watching this video.

Dr Peter B Moyes

Dr Peter B Moyes CEng FIMechE


With a wealth of experience and strong track record in the development of new technologies for the upstream oil and gas sector, Peter’s primary field of expertise is in the design of downhole equipment for which he holds a multitude of patents. Peter is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

He also holds an Engineering Doctorate from Robert Gordon University, Peter is driven by a vision to revolutionise the stuck-object challenge for global customers.

Email: Peter Moyes

Adam Ubhi

Adam Ubhi CEng MIMechE

Chief Technology Officer

With extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry and with expertise across all stages of product development through to operational deployment, Adam provides RotoJar with strong technical leadership. Adam also holds a MEng (Hons) degree from the University of Glasgow and is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Adam directs all of RotoJar’s technology research and development and ensures the company HSEQ Management System is adhered to across all technology operations, manufacturing and supply chain interfaces.

Email: Adam Ubhi

Emma Kilner

Emma Kilner BA ACCA

Chief Financial Officer

Emma Kilner is an international CFO with a wealth of knowledge across all of the main aspects of financial management and has worked in senior roles across the world.

With a focus on internationalisation and company growth, Emma is ACCA qualified and drives the commercial and investment aspects of RotoJar’s growth ambition.

Email: Emma Kilner

Malcolm Mackie

Malcolm Mackie

General Manager

Malcolm has over 30 years’ experience in Management, Supply Chain and HSEQ activities, working for successful technology businesses in the supply of downhole completion and monitoring equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry.

As General Manager, he is responsible for all of RotoJar’s general business activities including supply chain, workshop and training activities. He also manages the company HSEQ Management System ensuring that processes are followed, and documentation is recorded.

Email: Malcolm Mackie

Stuart Lamb

Stuart Lamb MEng

Design Engineer

Stuart is a qualified mechanical engineer with 6 years’ experience in design, test and manufacture for oil and gas, military and aerospace. Highly motivated and detail oriented, Stuart’s role encompasses research, design, build and test with a focus on innovation.

Stuart graduated from Robert Gordon University with a Masters degree with distinction in Mechanical Engineering including two prizes and he is currently working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer through the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.

Email: Stuart Lamb

Stefan Stewart

Stefan Stewart MEng

Design Engineer

Stefan is a new product development specialist with extensive experience in bringing new technology to market. Stefan’s expertise is in the design and development of downhole equipment.

Stefan holds a MEng degree from Robert Gordon University and is currently working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer through the Institute of Mechanical engineers.

Email: Stefan Stewart

Andrew Donnelly

Andrew Donnelly MEng

Design Engineer

Andrew joined RotoJar as a graduate in 2018 from Robert Gordon University where he achieved a MEng in Mechanical Engineering.

Andrew is involved in the design, build and testing of the RotoJar tool and is currently on the IMechE SRS scheme working towards chartered status.

Email: Andrew Donnelly

Daniel Inglis

Daniel Inglis MEng

Design Engineer

Daniel joined RotoJar initially as a summer intern student during his fast track master’s degree and then went on to join the team permanently after graduation in 2018.

Daniel has been involved in multiple RotoJar projects including design work and materials testing and analysis and holds a Meng with distinction from Robert Gordon University.

Email: Daniel Inglis

Eddie Rattray

Eddie Rattray

Business Development Manager

Eddie is a 39 year Oil & Gas veteran, The first 20 years of which were working on the rigfloor for a major service company before moving onshore coordinating operations. Eddie held various senior management positions from Integrated Operations Manager to Account Director and has a proven business development record covering the North Sea, Middle East and Far East.

Eddie holds a BA in Business Management from Robert Gordons University

Email: Eddie Rattray

Our values

We conduct our business with absolute regard to the health and safety of our people and in full recognition of our responsibilities to the environment.

Our company lives and thrives on our ability to continually innovate and bring value adding products to market.

We are committed to ensuring the company grows and outperforms our competitors.

We deliver results beyond the expectations of our customers and stakeholders and conduct relationships with openness, integrity and respect.


ISO14001 ISO18001 ISO9001

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